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Call for Proposals for Organizations Working in the Regions

EPF encourages organizations that are working in the regions outside the capital to submit either an Inquiry Form or a Full Proposal from January 8, 2016 to April 8, 2016 to receive Strategic Grants, a new component of the Open Door Grantmaking program. Interested organizations will have a chance to submit proposals to receive Strategic Grants even after the above-mentioned deadline. However, if their projects are funded and successfully implemented, the authors of the projects submitted before April 8, will have a chance to receive additional funding from EPF.

Strategic Grant is a new addition to the Open Door Grantmaking program. Strategic Grant is grant support for regional organizations that are interested in implementing long-term projects (18-24 months). Strategic Grant recipients, in addition to the Open Door project budget, have a chance to acquire additional funding for institutional development support. See additional information related to the organizational development initiative.

Those organizations interested in receiving institutional development support should submit a long-term organizational development strategy, so as to further promote their institution building and longer-term sustainability.

To qualify for Strategic Grants, organizations should satisfy all the following criteria:
• Several years of un-interrupted operations in their fields of interest and track record of attracting diverse sources of funding
• Proven record of serving as a resource for civil society and local civic leaders in a specific region(s)
• Strong interest in and commitment to strategic organizational development
• Access to diverse means to support their activities, such as membership fees, program income, own office space, etc.
• Interest in exploring the idea of creating social enterprise as a model to address local needs and contribute to institutional sustainability
• Commitment to work with other leading regional CSOs to identify common issues that can be put on the national policy agenda
• Commitment to gender equality and equity

The Foundation is committed to the principle of gender equality and encourages applicants to consider the different impact the project may have on male and female members of the society. Click here for EPF’s checklist for building gender equality into project planning, implementation and evaluation.

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