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Working at Europe Foundation


The Foundation and its staff have enormous responsibilities in carrying out programs in Georgia. One of the Foundation's greatest assets is its reputation for professional and efficient management of the funds at its disposal, a reputation that derives from the responsible and honorable conduct of its staff members. The level of trust the Foundation receives from its many sponsors, and by extension, the success of its programs, is dependent upon maintaining the standards of conduct that have built the Foundation's reputation for honesty and integrity in its people and in its work.

EPF is run by dedicated team of personnel, comprised of a President, Vice President, Program Managers, Grants Managers, finance staff, Logistics and IT Managers, as well as several administrative support staff. EPF conducts a transparent and fair hiring process. Salaries are reviewed annually, compared with market rates, and adjusted when necessary. The salaries of women and men in positions of equal responsibility and qualification are equal and EPF makes every effort to maintain gender equality in the recruitment of staff.



The Foundation Provides:


  • A competitive salary;
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage;
  • Generous time-off benefits, including holiday, vacation, personal, and sick days;
  • Professional Development Opportunities, including job-specific trainings and educational assistance.
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