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CSO Statement on Georgia’s European Integration and Food Market Regulatory Framework Reform

A lot of misinformation has been spread recently about the obligations Georgia undertook by signing the Association Agreement with the EU. This includes rumors about the food market regulatory framework that cause false alarm among certain members of the public and evoke negative attitudes towards European integration.
We urge everyone responsible for spreading the information about food market regulations or commenting on the matter to be careful not to confuse the public.

Georgia is at a very important stage of its historical development. Based on European experience and with unprecedented international support, Georgia has a chance to develop into a state where the rights of each citizen are respected, where social justice, prosperity and stability are established. This includes guaranteeing that consumer rights are valued, that citizens have access to safe food and, at the same time, that the rightful interests of entrepreneurs are respected. Clearly, achieving all these goals simultaneously requires significant efforts and we will have to overcome numerous hindrances in the process. Success does not always come easily.

We welcome the ongoing food safety and consumer rights related reforms. At the same time, we regularly present numerous critical remarks to the government concerning those reforms. In this regard, it should be pointed out that many of our recommendations have already been reflected in relevant legislation.

We would like to reiterate our readiness to cooperate with any person or interest group who says that current food market regulations violate their rights. We express our readiness to discuss each complaint, share the information we possess with the interested persons and help them as much as possible to overcome any difficulties. It is natural that there are problems in the process of reshaping the food market regulatory framework. However, this should not be a reason to question Georgia’s European choice.

  • Natadze Scientific – Research Institute of Sanitation, Hygiene and Medical Ecology
  • Eurasia Partnership Foundation
  • Society Biliki
  • Association of Food Products Experts
  • National Association of Independent Georgian Experts
  • Greens Movement of Georgia/ Friends of Earth Georgia
  • Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia
  • Association of Georgian Tea Producers
  • Georgian Association Women in Business (GAWB)
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