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Statement of CSOs on Draft Law on Consumer Rights Protection

The Georgian Parliamentary Committee on European Integration started working on a draft law on Consumer Rights Protection in 2013. Multiple state institutions and civil society organizations were involved in the preparation of this draft law. Although it was finalized by the end of 2013 the draft law was initiated only in July 2015 and it didn’t pass the first plenary hearing until March 2016. On May 18, 2016, during the second hearing of the draft law in the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, representatives of the government of Georgia opposed the draft law, a situation which poses a serious threat to its adoption.

In Georgia, where it is very difficult to protect consumer rights due to the absence of a proper legislative framework in this field, adoption of this draft law is crucial. The draft law introduces only the basic standards of consumer protection and does not impose any serious limitations or burdens on entrepreneurs. Apart from creating a legal framework for the protection of consumer rights, the draft law will promote responsible entrepreneurship and make Georgian businesses more competitive.

The Government of Georgia states that citizens and their rights are the focal points of Georgia’s development. Therefore, we call upon to the Prime Minister of Georgia, the Government of Georgia and the members of the Parliament of Georgia to support the Draft Law on Consumer Rights Protection in order to improve consumer rights and the business environment in the country.

  • Anti-Violence Network of Georgia
  • Association Atinati
  • Association Food Products’ Experts
  • Association of Internally Displaced Women Consent
  • Association of Tea Producers of Georgia
  • Association School – Family – Society
  • Caucasian Mosaic
  • Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia
  • Europe Foundation
  • Foundation Caucasus Environment
  • Georgian Association “Women in Business”-GAWB
  • Georgian Consumer Federation
  • Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
  • Imereti Union of Science Spectri
  • Junior Achievement Georgia
  • Natadze Scientific – Research Institute of Sanitation, Hygiene and Medical Ecology
  • National Association of Independent Georgian Experts
  • People’s Harmonious Development Society
  • Public Advocacy
  • Public Union Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi
  • Repatriates’ Union
  • Society Biliki
  • Student –Youth Council
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