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Europe Foundation Completed the 2018 Best Food Enterprise Competition


Europe Foundation completed the 2018 Best Food Enterprise of the Year Competition. While the participants demonstrated significant progress during the competition, none of them were able to fulfill all the recommendations provided by the SPS expert monitors.  For this reason, EPF did not identify this year’s winner.

This is the 5th time that EPF has organized this competition, which is designed to promote convergence to European Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) policies among food enterprises in Georgia. As part of the competition, the EPF-contracted field experts conduct unannounced spot-checks in the participating enterprises and prepare status reports based on the findings of their visits and the lab test results of the product samples gathered from each enterprise. The winners are selected based on how timely and effectively are they able to fulfill the experts’ recommendations. 

The Best Food Enterprise of the Year Award was instituted by EPF within its European Integration Program, which strives to facilitate improved compliance with the European integration commitments and to build consensus on the EU-Georgia Association Agreement implementation issues among different stakeholders. As many as 27 food enterprises have participated competition.

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