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Europe Foundation Revealed the Best Food Enterprise of 2017

Ozurgeti Tea Packaging Factory of Geoplant, Ltd. was named as the Best Food Enterprise of 2017. EPF announced the winner of the Best Food Enterprise of the Year award on April 27, 2018, at the Golden Brand Awards ceremony.

This is the 4th time that EPF organized such a competition, designed to enhance stakeholder adherence to food safety standards and to promote convergence to European policies in this area. As part of the competition, the EPF-contracted field experts monitored the adherence to food safety standards in the participating enterprises, conducting three unannounced spot-checks throughout the year and preparing status reports based on the findings for their visits, as well as on the laboratory test results of the product samples gathered from each enterprise.

The winner is selected based on how timely and effectively the competition participants fulfill the experts’ recommendations.

Best Food Enterprise of the Year Award was instituted by EPF within its European Integration Program, which strives to facilitate improved compliance with the European integration commitments and to build consensus on the EU-Georgia Association Agreement implementation issues among different stakeholders. As many as 25 food enterprises participated in the 2017 competition.

“Our aim is to encourage and recognize those food enterprises that comply with the existing food safety requirements. The competition involves several incentives for food enterprises – EPF awards the best complying enterprise, which in turn supports better visibility and consumer trust toward their production. In addition, EPF provides free of charge food safety system monitoring and laboratory analyses to all participating enterprises, which can be very costly for smaller food operators. EPF aims at increasing the enthusiasm of food enterprises to improve their internal regulations and standards, so that the risk of distributing unsafe products in the country is reduced” – noted Ms. Ketevan Vashakidze, EPF’s president.

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