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Fair of Souvenirs and Accessories Produced by the Youth with Disabilities was organized by the Dedoplistskaro Youth Bank

Today, entrepreneurial skills are of paramount importance that one should possess. Young entrepreneurs can become drivers of positive social change in their communities, which is proved by an initiative, Handicrafts implemented by the Dedoplistskaro Youth Bank  aiming at engaging the youth for fostering social inclusion of vulnerable groups, specifically, young people with disabilities. The initiative was implemented within USAID and Sida- funded project,  Increasing Youth Participation in Georgia.

Assisted by a volunteer teacher, the Youth Bank Committee members organized 10 handcrafting workshops for the local youth with disabilities from three different schools of Dedoplistskaro municipality, producing more than 90 souvenirs and accessories from plastic, paper, clay and other materials. For better visibility of the project, the Dedoplistskaro Youth Bank Committee members organized two events: a concert and a fair of produced materials. The fair was attended by the local authorities, the media, school boards and administration, also, the youth residing in Dedpolistskaro municipality. Following the outreach campaign, 30 % of produced accessories and souvenirs were sold. Generated income will further be reinvested to produce new products.  Dedoplistskaro Youth Bank succeeded in attracting  additional in-kind and financial contributions from business groups also, operating locally.

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