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Gendered Assessment of SME Development Strategy of Georgia 2016-2020


Gendered Assessment of SME Development Strategy of Georgia 2016-2020 was commissioned by Europe Foundation and conducted by Nordic Consulting Group to assess the extent to which the state strategy promotes economic empowerment of women. 

The assessment is based on desk study, including the review of Georgia’s SME Development Strategy 2016-2020 and its implementation instruments (e.g. the most recent annual action plan), as well as interviews and a workshop with key stakeholders in Georgia. 

Overall, the assessment concluded that the SME Development Strategy does not adequately address gender inequalities or the needs of women in business. The SME Development Strategy has no gender analysis, consequently, gender is not integrated into objectives, activities, budgeting or indicators.

There are no specific targeted intervention(s) focused on female entrepreneurship and communication of the Strategy is not done in a gender-aware manner. Furthermore, without a proper baseline, the SME Development Strategy will not be able to lead to interventions that can improve economic outcomes for women and men in the SME sector, as their needs, challenges and opportunities will vary. At the same time, lack of baseline data makes is nearly impossible to monitor and evaluate the impact of the SME Development Strategy on women and men.

The assessment produced recommendations for shaping national and sub-national policies fostering women-led entrepreneurship and for triggering a multi-stakeholder dialogue on women’s economic empowerment to ensure that commitments are delivered with a gender perspective and that the next phase of their development is better aligned with national gender equality priorities of Georgia. These recommendations include ensuring stakeholder engagement to support women entrepreneurs, conducting of gender analysis planning and implementing further actions based on the analysis, developing organizational capacity of Georgian supporting institutions (e.g. Enterprise Georgia).

“Europe Foundation believes in inclusive and sustainable development.  One of the important steps towards creating inclusive environment is to support women’s engagement and increase female entrepreneurship. The assessment aims at developing women’s economic potential and supporting inclusive economic governance," stated Ketevan Vashakidze, the President of Europe Foundation.

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