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Guidelines for Applicants

EPF advises applicants to the Open Door Grantmaking Program initially to submit only an Inquiry Form without additional documents. This process is designed to make sure that the applicants do not spend significant time and resources on preparing a full application package, until EPF has had a chance to review the logic of the project idea and its congruence with the Foundation’s mission and mandates. If EPF finds that the project idea described in the Inquiry Form has a potential to be funded, the applicant will be asked to submit a Full Proposal Form, together with a detailed budget, logical framework matrix, organization’s registration certificate and act of comparison. However, if the applicant organization decides to skip the inquiry stage and submit a fully developed proposal, because it is confident that the project idea is well developed and fits the Foundation’s mission and mandates, EPF will still accept and review the application. The Grant Management Questionnaire (GMQ) has to be submitted after the full proposal is submitted, upon request by EPF.

As for the applicants to EPF’s grant competitions, they are required to submit a complete application, together with a detailed budget, logical framework matrix, and the GMQ. The submission of only an Inquiry Form under a grant competition automatically disqualifies the applicant.

To ensure that gender equality and minority issues are recognized and addressed in all EPF-sponsored programs and projects, EPF requires that all applicants conduct gender mainstreaming and minority mainstreaming as an integral component of program planning, implementation and evaluation. Please refer to EPF checklists on mainstreaming gender and minority considerations.

EPF values the transparency of its grant making process; all project proposals are reviewed through a rigorous process that includes multiple decision makers.  No one individual can determine the award of a grant and all claims to the contrary are false.  Any concerns about unethical practices in the review of your project proposal should be brought to the attention of the internal auditor at


Application Forms

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