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Meet Youth Bank members: Megi Kirtava

Megi Kirtava, 19, an Alumna of Gali Youth Bank

I joined the Youth Bank in 2017. Informal education is very important for young people living in my region. I got a lot out of the different activities I engaged in, outside of school. I became far more motivated and independent and participated in many useful initiatives for the community. My peers and I launched several training clubs, including English Language Club and Literature Club.
I believe it is essential is to set a goal. Once you have a goal, you already know how to achieve it. Personally, I did not know Georgian well, but I began actively reading and speaking the language and, with practice, I became fluent.

I am already a student majoring in international relations in Tbilisi. Independence does not scare me. Living alone in the capital, I opened myself up to a different experience. I am glad my parents supported me in the choice I made. When it comes to my future, I’m considering returning to my community and working on useful projects for local youth.

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