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Meet Youth Bank members: Diana Kotrikadze

Diana Kotrikadze, 16, a member of Khobi Youth Bank.

I joined Youth Bank in 2020, and now I am a program manager there. I mobilize the team, conduct various activities, and sort project reports for submission to Europe Foundation. I engage as many students as possible in Youth Bank activities because I believe that together we can create many useful initiatives.
I am very keen on learning languages. I learned German online, and now I am starting Chinese. I also like painting and dancing. I have been dancing for eleven years. I try to be independent and help others. In the future, I see myself as a successful lawyer or diplomat. I think knowing languages will come in handy in these careers. Diplomacy is a critically important area, and if I ever do take up this career, I will try to make my own contribution to strengthening my country’s foreign relations. We girls can be more confident and more active. The prevalent view in my region is that men are superior to women. but I don’t think so. Men and women have equal skills. By being so active, I’ve already proved that girls, too, can be leaders, and I’m now trying to get other girls to think the same. We have already organized one training course on gender issues and have many other interesting ideas ahead.

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