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CRPD Compliant Budgeting

Fostering women-led entrepreneurship

Writers for European Values

Engaging Citizens, Empowering Communities

Youth Bank

Public Service Announcement: Budget Transparency (2)

Public Service Announcement: Budget Transparency (1)

Public Service Announcement: Eco-migrant families

Environmentally Friendly Agriculture

Rotation Grazing and Electric Shepherd

The Only Way to Preserve the Climate

The Dream Camp

Public Service Announcement

Developing Tourism in Protected Areas

EPF’s Impact Statement 2013 (ENG)

Audio Recording at Courts

Legal Aid Map Georgia

Administrative Detention

Coalition for an independent and transparent judiciary

Tsiteli Doli Bread

Public Involvement in Managing Protected Areas

Eat Rapana and Save the Black Sea

Environmentally Safe Pasturelands

Solar Energy, Green Alternative

Saving Kolkhetian Pheasant

Natural Resources Management in Upper Racha

Environmentally Friendly Agriculture

Ecotourism – Project of the Future

Social Entrepreneurship

Students for Social Enterprise

Social Entrepreneurship in Georgia

Community Radio – Voice into the Future

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Annoucement

Free Legal Aid

Erosion Prevention in Lower Racha

Conserving Cyclamen Vernum and Galanthus Woronowii

Tourism Infrastructure Development at Protected Areas

Engaging Youth in Local Development: Youth Bank in Georgia Program

Social Entrepreneurship: Social Enterprise Tanadgoma

Documentary Film – Engage and Monitor for Change Program

Social Entrepreneurship: Arbo and Wheelchair Manufacturing Social Enterprise

Consumer Assistance Services

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