Programs / Accomplished InitiativesNational Integration and Tolerance in Georgia (NITG)

About the Project

EPF administered the grant component of the National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia (NITG) program, implemented by United Nations Association of Georgia on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development. The grant component focused on facilitating greater tolerance and understanding of the needs of non‐majority ethnic groups in Georgia and supporting practical steps towards their social and economic integration.

EPF provided grant support to civil society organizations to further the objectives of the National Concept and Action Plan for Tolerance and Civic Integration adopted by the Government of Georgia in 2009. Grant recipients carried out projects, designed to improve the overall environment of tolerance and respect among ethnic, cultural, and religious groups living in Georgia, specifically in Kvemo Kartli’s Azeri and Samtskhe‐Javakheti’s Armenian communities.

Grantees worked to improve or support the development of necessary conditions for effective participation of minorities in the political, social, economic, and cultural life in Georgia. The grant projects contributed to ensuring access of national minorities to every level of education as well as provided support to the preservation of religion, traditions and the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities in Georgia.

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