Programs / Accomplished InitiativesStrengthening the Media’s Role as a Watchdog Institution in Georgia

About the Project

A free and independent media is a necessary pre-condition for the development of a stable democracy. With funding from the European Union, EPF began the Strengthening the Media’s Role as a Watchdog Institution in Georgia project, focused on increasing public access to high quality, professional, independent information.

Main activities of the project were the following:

  • Perform a media landscape study through surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviewing.
  • Link the Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters (GARB) with a media association in a new EU member state and undertake activities aimed at institutional development of the GARB.
  • Conduct trainings for media and legal professionals on the specifics of investigative journalism, media legislation, access to information.
  • Establish the Georgian Media Legal Defence Centre (GMLDC) to provide free legal aid for journalists, media outlets, and lawyers and to advocate for legislative changes.
  • Hold TV and public discussions involving all stakeholders to encourage broad, inclusive dialogue on the state of the media in Georgia.
  • Conduct targeted grant competitions on investigative journalism.
ec_logo_small_6 This project is funded
by the European Union
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