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About Impact Hub Tbilisi

To create a cohesive support mechanism for social enterprise development, in 2016 EPF became a founding partner of Impact Hub Tbilisi, a co-working space located in Fabrika, a former soviet era sewing factory transformed into a multi-functional urban space. The hub serves as a multi-stakeholder platform, based on public-private and cross-sectoral partnerships, which will bring together private sector, public authorities, civil society organizations, educational institutions and professionals from various fields to build capacity of social entrepreneurs and promote the diverse community.  Impact Hub Tbilisi is a membership-based organization dedicated to individuals, enterprises, start-ups, and organizations making positive social impact in Georgia and provides access to professional support and an inspiring environment for working, meeting, learning and connecting

Joint Projects of Europe Foundation and Impact Hub Tbilisi

Social Impact Award

Young, energetic people can become drivers of positive change, when given the opportunity to fully unleash their potential. They can contribute to solving salient social issues and build their own future. Social Impact Award, a program for students in social entrepreneurship, is a program  encouraging young people to take an active role as citizens and respond to societal challenges in an entrepreneurial way.

Social Impact Award,  or simply, SIA was developed by the University of Vienna in 2009 for those students, who were interested in starting their own ventures but at the same time, bring positive changes for the society; in other words, the program aimed at increasing interest of young people toward social entrepreneurship.  The scale of the program has been growing ever since and in 2017, the geography of SIA is already covering 17 countries.  With joint forces of Europe Foundation and Impact Hub Tbilisi and in partnership with the Bank of Georgia, the program is also being implemented in Georgia.

SIA enables young people to gain knowledge in entrepreneurship and also, to participate in a competition to reveal the best social enterprise ideas. The program is expected to reveal three winners:  two – on the basis of the jury assessment and one – through online voting.  Europe Foundation gives an opportunity to participating student teams to receive a grant support of GEL 20,000, in case they decide to team up with a civil society organization of their choice and establish a social enterprise together.

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