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Empowered media and civil society actors to expose poor governance in Georgia through fact-finding, reporting, and advocacy activities, so as to effect positive changes for families and communities across the country.

To this end, the Foundation plans to take the following steps:

1. Provide of legal support to the journalists and media outlets to support them in their investigative work, as well as in combating unlawful interference with journalistic activities.

2. Conduct a situation analysis or other types of research on various aspects of the state of the media in Georgia, to gain a clear view of how the major media players in Georgia are supporting or undermining journalists or media outlets in serving their watchdog functions. The Foundation is also considering support for a more longer-term monitoring of media regulatory bodies, such as the GNCC, to provide the media and civil society organizations objective and well-documented reports on the policies and decisions of the GNCC and to mobilize the sector in collaborative advocacy efforts that challenge selective regulation and to promote media independence.

3. Capacity building in investigative journalism with support from European and American journalists and professors, most notably, Brant Houston and Mark Horvit, award-winning investigative journalists and authors of the internationally acclaimed textbook Investigative Reporter’s Handbook: A Guide to Documents, Databases, and Techniques.

4. Provide grant support to media outlets and CSOs for projects that will shine light on systemic corruption or expose uncomfortable truths about various aspects of governance in Georgia, with ultimate aim to effect real changes that will improve the lives of Georgian citizens. This series of grants will offer an unprecedented mentorship opportunity from experienced US-based investigative journalists and professors, who will work directly with the grantees to flash out ideas for investigations, to teach them new techniques, and to support them in developing feasible action plans for carrying out the work. Successful grantees will have a chance to be considered for additional support to take their work to the bi-annual Global Shining Light Award competition (see at run by the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN).

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