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CSO Education for All Children Has Launched its EPF-funded Project: Writers for European Values

With financial support from Europe Foundation, local civil society organization Education for All Children will implement a project Writers for European Values in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia. The project, which is a part of Europe Foundation’s 10-year anniversary campaign, envisions conducting lectures and discussions, during which three well-known contemporary writers will underscore the hidden and obvious connections between the European values and Georgian identity. Through interactive lectures, Rati Amaghlobeli, Lasha Bughadze, and Davit Turashvili will challenge the audience, both young and old, to deconstruct the existing negative stereotypes about Europe and to take a fresh and more informed look at Georgian history, literature, and cultural heritage. By providing concrete examples and emphasizing the European values of respect for diversity and national traditions, the speakers will help the audience see the groundlessness of their fears and encourage them to embrace Georgia’s European integration efforts. The project also envisages a cycle of radio talk-shows, which will be broadcasted by radio GIPA every Thursday, at 18:00.

The project aims at addressing the existing negative stereotypes about the European Union (EU) by highlighting the congruity of European values with Georgian identity.

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