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Second Public Forum on Budget Transparency

On December 16, Europe Foundation organized its second public forum on Budget Transparency and Civil Society Oversight of Public Spending in Georgia.

The forum aimed at contributing to improved budget transparency and accountability in Georgia by fostering dialogue between representatives of civil society and relevant public authorities. The public finance management (PFM) expert at Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) discussed current developments in public expenditure monitoring system in Georgia, particularly looking at Georgia’s standing in international assessments pertaining to budget transparency and providing analysis of the 2015 budget implementation.

Furthermore, EPF grantee, the Democratic Development Union of Georgia, presented the findings on budget application and reporting forms applicable to the entities established by self-governing municipalities, identifying main challenges and recommendations. This and other budget transparency issues will be further addressed by the CSO Platform on Budget Transparency, initiated by Europe Foundation and currently consisting of 15 civil society organizations.

In an effort to enhance stakeholder cooperation, the floor was given to the representative of State Budget Analysis and Strategic Planning Department of the State Audit Office (SAO) of Georgia, who presented the SAO’s recent initiative directed toward increasing civic engagement in public finance management oversight.

The forum was attended by representatives of civil society and international organizations, the Government of Georgia and the diplomatic missions.

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