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State Policy on Environmental Migration – Resettlement and Prevention

On November 22 and 25, 2016, under the framework of the EU-funded project for-webAdvocating for the Rights of Environmental Migrants that is implemented by Institute of Democracy and Europe Foundation (EPF), regional meetings were organized in Borjomi and Batumi to advocate for better state regulation of envir
onmental migration. Representatives of local government, civil society and media organizations, as well as independent experts were actively engaged in discussions.

As a result of these meetings, several issueswere analyzed and assessed, namely: Georgia’s experience in preventing the environmental migration, best practice examples, existing resources and opportunities; resettlement process of natural disaster affected families that were subjected to relocation, house purchasing practices, and past experiences.  Apart from that, state practice and experience with regard to integration and economic empowerment of state-resettled environmental migrants were evaluated  and the relevance of so-called “Social Houses” to the state environmental migration policy were explored.

These issues will be reflected in set of recommendations aimed at improving existing policies. These recommendations will be presented to relevant authorities during various advocacy campaigns that will include public forums, workshops, and documentary films.

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