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Statement of CSOs on the Draft Law on Consumer Rights Protection

In July of 2015 the Committee on European Integration of the Parliament of Georgia initiated the draft law on Consumer Rights Protection. Adoption of the draft law will signify an advancement for Georgia on its course of European integration through improved consumer rights’ protection, creating a healthier business environment, its modernization and improved competitiveness.

Multiple state institutions and civil society organizations were involved in the preparation of the draft law. This process represents a good example of civic involvement.

However, the adoption of the draft law is being delayed. The Government of Georgia and the majority of the relevant parliamentary committees have already discussed the draft law on the first hearing. The only remaining obstacle to presenting the draft law to the plenary session of the parliament is the first hearing of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee and this has been delayed for six months. Committee members have stipulated a number of remarks as a reason for the delay. The Committee on European Integration cooperates with the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee to address its recommendations, yet the latter is not working in a timely manner to end the first round of parliamentary discussion of the draft. This results in the indefinite postponement of the adoption of the draft law.

We call upon the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee to not postpone the committee hearing of the draft law on Consumer Rights Protection.

We also call upon every member of the Parliament of Georgia to support this important initiative that will improve the protection of Georgian consumers’ rights and the overall business environment.

  • Human Rights Center
  • Association European Studies for Innovative Development of Georgia (ESIDG)
  • Association Psychea
  • Association Woman and Business
  • Biological Farming Association Elkana
  • Center for Development and Democracy (CDD)
  • Europe Foundation
  • Association of Internally Displaced women “Consent”
  • Caucasian Mosaic
  • Fund of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Repatriates’ Union
  • Public Advocacy (GEPAD)
  • Sanitation, Hygiene and Medical Ecology Institute
  • Association of Food Products’ Experts
  • Georgia’s Azerbaijani Women Association
  • Association for Efficient Use of Energy Resources of Georgia
  • Georgian Consumer Federation
  • Association of Tea Producers of Georgia
  • Student-Youth Council
  • Association for Farmers Rights Defense
  • Fund Adgilis Deda
  • Foundation Caucasus Environment
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