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Statement of Eurasia Partnership Foundation

In recent times, Georgia has increasingly witnessed statements and actions toward local and international civil society organizations (CSOs) that discredit the civil society sector. In response to this unfavorable tendency, Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) would like once again to draw the society’s attention to the work and achievements of the Foundation and its partner civil society organizations.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation was established in 2008 with a mission to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives. EPF’s work is guided by the following mandates and approaches: (1) creating opportunities for civic participation in public policy making, (2) engaging youth, (3) fostering culture of corporate and community philanthropy, including through formation of public-private-NGO partnerships, and (4) promoting evidence-based advocacy and decision making. Within these mandates, EPF is implementing five programs: Engage and Monitor for Change, European Integration; Youth Integration; Social Enterprise; and Open Door Grantmaking.

We strongly believe that the steady growth of civic engagement, enhanced democracy and the rule of law, and progress toward European integration in Georgia is greatly conditioned by the efforts of Eurasia Partnership Foundation and other members of civil society. This has been confirmed by numerous trustworthy studies.

Below please find brief information about the work of Eurasia Partnership Foundation:

EPF is both a grantmaker, supporting initiatives of other civil society groups, as well as implementer of development programs. Since its establishment, the Foundation has supported around 350 projects from up to 200 CSOs and initiative groups, of which 60% were implemented in the country’s regions and contributed to increased civic engagement at both local and national levels. All of this was made possible with support from multiple donors, including the governments of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, the European Union, and others.

EPF believes in transparency of both public and non-governmental sectors. Therefore, EPF’s programmatic and financial reports are published on the Foundation’s website. EPF’s grantmaking mechanism is also transparent. Together with EPF staff, the submitted project proposals are evaluated by an Expert Panel or Advisory Committee, comprised of leaders of prominent CSOs, experts, and representatives of international organizations and the private sector. When making decisions, EPF follows its procedures, which prohibit supporting political parties or activities related to lobbying for partisan purposes (except for advocacy for issues that bring about public and social good).

For additional information concerning the work of Eurasia Partnership Foundation and the projects of its partner organizations, please visit the EPF website

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