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Terms of Reference: Improving the Visibility of EPF

EPF seeks to engage a communications consultant/s to review EPF’s communications tools and assist the Foundation in formulating its new communications strategy.

The objective of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive and coherent communications strategy for the period of 2015-2019 that will make EPF’s external communications more strategic, targeted and, thus, effective for its (1) collaboration with the general public, the media, government agencies, civil society and the private sector and (2) fundraising efforts vis-a-vis international and bilateral donors, and private corporations.

To achieve this objective, the new communications strategy must:
(1) Refine the focus of EPF’s communications and formulate a structured communication approach (including online and offline media), which allows EPF to use targeted and audience-specific messages to civil society, government, donors, the private sector, and the media.

(2) Identify targeted and audience-specific messages that EPF can use for fundraising and collaboration with civil society, government, donors, the private sector, and the media, with clear emphasis on two main points (i) “EPF as knowledgeable entity in empowering society and strengthening institutions for inclusive governance”, and (ii) “EPF as development partner for quality program implementation.”

(3) Help raise the public profile and visibility of EPF nationally, regionally, and internationally with identified audiences by highlighting how EPF is unique, and therefore uniquely placed to contribute to the development of civil society in Georgia.

For detailed information, please see the full announcement attached below:

Terms of Reference: Communications Consultant

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