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The Winner of the 2015 Best Food Enterprise of the Year Competition Identified

LLC Marshe has been named the Best Food Enterprise of 2015

To enhance stakeholder understanding of and adherence to food safety standards and to encourage convergence to European policies in this area, Europe Foundation (EPF) has been engaging Georgian business community in identifying and acknowledging the country’s best food enterprises. As part of the Best Food Enterprise of the Year competition run by Europe Foundation (EPF), participating businesses agreed to have food safety experts perform three unannounced spot-checks at each competing enterprise at various times during 2015. Samples of products produced by the companies were tested in accredited laboratories. The winner was identified based on the results of the lab tests and the reports drafted by the experts.

The Competition was organized in the framework of the project Transparent Convergence to the EU Policies in Sanitary Issues: the Case of Georgia and Moldova funded by the European Union (EU) and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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